The few thing you should know when make custom hats

11 June, 2019

  If you never make custom hats before, you must have many question when you first make it. Today lets talk about the question you may have, so that when you make custom hats wont be so confuse.

How much dose it cost?
  Thats the most common question between our guest. Is a very understandable question, because price is always a very important reference element in business. We all want good quality product in low price. But the cost of making custom hats is different from the normal product, it doesnt have a fixed price, the price is determining by your needs for the hats including hat style, fabric, LOGO style, process. To know more detail about the cost of make custom hats you can click here check on our article before.
  To cut the long story in short if you want to know the price of make custom hats you should make clear what you need first then you can have the certain price from the hat manufacturer.

make custom hats
A certain quantity
  Before you make contact to the manufacturer you should know that usually a manufacturer have a MOQ(Minimum Order Quantity) and the number usually between 100 to 500(different manufacturer their MOQ may be a little different). So if you prepare to make custom hats for your own or your quantity is very low like a few dozens, you may consider custom shop instead of a hat manufacturer. Because if the manufacturer wont take the order all the question you ask would be waste of time. To know more detail about MOQ you can click here check our our article before
What about the location?
  Would you prefer make custom hats nearby or it doesnt matter to you at all. Location actually is not really important unless you are in a rush, that case you would want the manufacturer is very close to you so that the shipping wont take too long, and you can monitored the production more convenient. Other wise the location should not be the problem, the mean considerations for you should be quality and price.
  Now lets make a summary for our todays topic. In general the few thing you need to know or we can say the few thing you need to make clear. First, whats the quantity you need? That can help you decide whether you should choose a manufacturer or not. Second, are you in a rush? That can help you decide should you choose a manufacturer nearby. Third, have a clear idea about the require for your custom hats, at least you should know what hat style(baseball hat, bucket hat, trucker hat and so on) and what kind of logo you want. As for the process and fabric if you dont sure, you can make decision after discuss with the hat manufacturer.
  Do you prepare to make custom hats?