How much dose it cost to make custom hats?

03 May, 2019

    Money an eternal topic of business, some might though it is vulgar but it is reality. You want something pay the price to get it, as long as is a fair price then is a fair business. As we are a hat manufacturer let’s get back to our field, how much dose it cost to make custom hats? What is the fair price?

Before we talk about the price of making custom hats we should know that it depends on several condition, normally contain hat style, material, process and quantity. You can’t ask a manufacturer give you a price without these condition, each one of them hold a piece of the final price, you kind of have to get them all to complete the puzzle and get the price.

How did it works?

Hat style, there are many hat style, such as baseball hats, bucket hats, visor hats. Different hats require different process method and of course the cost is different that’s why you need to provide the hats style you want to hat manufacturer.


Material, the very basic thing to make custom hat and the material can be many things such as cotton, denim, corduroy, cashmere and so on. And they all have a different price, and course different cost, if you didn’t tell the manufacturer what you want for the hats, you know they can’t give you the actual price. Some of you may haven’t consider the material before consulting the hat factory, and some of them didn’t know about material at all, but you shouldn’t worry about it, a good hat manufacturer will give you the advice and help you pick up the right one for you.


Process, like embroidery, print, tto, the process to make hats special and beautiful. And these process all require different equipment and operator that will course different cost. But the process kind is not the only factor course different cost, sometimes the style can effect it too, such as embroidery process, if the style you want is very complex require many color then the cost must be more than the style that only need one color and very simple. So if you want to know the exact price better confirm the style and the process you want first.


Quantity, usually a hat manufacturer will set a boundaries, so call MOQ(minimum order quantity), and they usually won’t take order lower than the boundaries. So basically the more quantity you order the lower it cost. Each factory may have different MOQ, for us we usually take order over 100pcs. But if you ok with the higher price we can also take lower order. Want to find out more detail about MOQ you can check out our other article ‘why hat manufacturer set a MOQ’.


Those are the condition you need to provide to the hat manufacturer if you want to know the exact price of making custom hats. As a merchant we know you really concern about the price but at least told us what you need first before you ask us how much dose it cost to make custom hats.