Make custom hats why most hat manufacturer set a MOQ

08 April, 2019

While we search custom hats online “MOQ” is a word that always pop out. If you have experience of make custom hats, you will know it stand for minimum order quantity. Which mean if you want to make custom hat your order has to be over a certain quantities. Why is that?

The answer actually is very simple and I think most of you already know the answer. Yes it is profit. As a hat manufacturer if the order quantity is lower than MOQ the profit might getting too less for a factory to do it, or can’t even cover the cost. So now you know why almost every hat manufacturer will set a MOQ. If you were doing the business won’t you put profit at first too?

But if I really don’t need that much hats, and I really want to make custom hats by a hat factory, is it really has no chance? Actually it is possible but you may not want to insist after you know how it work. According to the summary above we know that the reason why a hat manufacturer won’t take low quantities order is because the profit is too less, so if the profit is good enough even the order lower than MOQ the hat factory can still take the order, but that means the custom price will has to be rise, and that also make one of the advantage of make custom hats by hat manufacturer vanish. And I think most people will lost interest if a hat factory no longer have price advantage.

Custom hats by hat manufacturer doesn’t just has price that only advantage, if you wanna know the other advantage you can check out our article”Why you wanna choose a factory to make custom hats?” Maybe there will be another factor can effect your decision.

If you google “custom hats” you can see the keyword “custom hats no minimum” on the drop-down list ,and that’s why I want to write this article. I know many people want to make custom hats in a factory price and they may not have a big order. Trust us if we can we will more than happy to take the order, but the fact is you cannot sell the cow and still want to drink the milk, can we?

       So I hope that you can understand that as a hat manufacturer we didn’t want to give you the wrong massage that we are picky on choosing customer. We just doing business and we need to make sure that every order we take will have a fair profit so that we can keep our factory running. And we a very looking forward to cooperate with you someday.