Where can I make custom hats?How do I know if it’s trustworthy?

16 April, 2019

      In this age of internet we can almost find everything we need on internet, include make custom has. But the convenient is not just for customer but business. With more business opportunity comes more competitive that make the choice to make custom hats more multiple and difficult. And that bring out our today’s topic where can I make custom hats and how do I know it’s trustworthy?

If you have already search ‘custom hats’ on google or other search engine you will know the result general can be divined into two kind - facing personal or facing company. To distinguish those two we can focus on one keyword ‘no minimum’. Usually if the customer is order for personal used the order won’t be too much sometime just one, So the business contain ‘no minimum’ usually facing personal otherwise is facing company. But that doesn’t mean the business that facing personal can’ take big order, just normally.


You might wondering why we talk about that above. Now let me help you get it through, if you want to find a trustworthy place to make custom hats then pick up the right business would be your first job cause you don’t want to waste your time on a hat manufacturer just accept over 100pcs order while you just want to make a couple hats for your own. So before you call or send an e-mail to ask about the price or other detail about custom hats you can make a screening first with the key word ‘no minimum’. You can also choose business by their type, usually a factory have a MOQ they more likely facing company, and the ‘custom online’ shop they usually facing person.

The difference of making custom hats between factory and online/offline shop is the price, process and production efficiency. If you want to know more detail about you can check on our other article ‘why you want to choose a factory to make custom hats’. After all, now you should know clearly what type of business you are seeking for. The meaning question is how to screening out the one that most suitable for you.

There are three reference value you can check on. First - strength, Apparently you wouldn’t want to make your custom hats by a factory out of nowhere. You want high quality hats and guaranteed after-sales service, that’s why you should choose a strength manufacturer. A strength manufacturer at least should has the basic Qualification Certificate such as Business license, ISO9001, BSCI and some others. Second - price, Price is always an important value in business, normally the lower price the better premise is the quality is equal. Third - location, If you not in a rush location might not that important, especially the logistics are so convenient nowadays. Although choose the manufacturer nearby can make it more convenient to check on the quality during product and make investigation about the factory.


No matter how strict you are, still you can’t fully grasp their all information through internet, that’s the limit of it. Maybe it’s very convenient to find business to make custom hats online but it also along with a little risk - you have to deal with a manufacturer you don’t fully understand and that is the one risk you can not avoid, unless you already have a trustworthy partner. To prevent you get cheated we have a few suggestion for you.

1. Before you make an official order you can ask the hat manufacturer offer an sample first, that way you can see their quality directly and use it as a reference when check on the final production.

2. Sign a contract after confirm all the detail that can ensure your equity(not some cross line condition of course).

3. Make an on-the-spot investigation if the condition is allow, see the manufacturer yourself is the best way to confirm if it trustworthy. But sometime the regional issues may not allow you do it, but can still ask for some picture or maybe a video chat.

After all let’s make a summary of our topic today. Where can I make custom hats? You can find it on internet, and there are factory type and online/offline shop type. How do I know if it’s trustworthy? First pick one type suit for you and make some basic investigation about it then send an e-mail or call them directly to make a further understanding, after all if it’s trustworthy you have to judge yourself.

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