What is the role of hats ?

14 September, 2018

The head of the human brain is the location of the brain, the head for the will of the sun. Although the skin of the head is thin, but the blood vessels and hairs are both thick and thick, so the body heat often from the head a lot of outward evaporation. The study data show that the temperature around l5C when the body about 1/3 of the heat from the head; temperature in the 4C or so, the body about 1/2 heat from the head distribution; and the temperature around zero l0C, there will be 3/4 body heat from the head "run away". This shows that the head and the human body heat balance is very large.

The purpose of wearing a hat is to wind, sand, anti-strong daylight, and sometimes the role of rain. Most people do not need to wear a hat in the room, go out according to the climate when the appropriate choice of hat. And give the baby with a hat mainly play sunscreen, shelter, rain, to resist the role of cold, go out when the best also brought. Hat variety, according to the season can be divided into winter hat, summer hat, spring cap, according to the child's age can be divided into baby caps, boys and girls cap.

Many parents themselves in the purchase of hats, as long as there is enough good sense of beauty, and the baby wearing a wool hat can not buy such, not only beautiful, but also to comfort. Baby skin is more immature, compared with the general children's hats, in the fabric selection, to choose soft and comfortable, flexible high-end fabric, this hat can give the child to bring high wear comfort, to avoid harm to the baby The scalp. 

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