What’s the advantage of using custom hat for advertise

27 June, 2019

Hats usually are used for costume matching, but because of it’s flow-ability and it’s a useful item in daily life that make hats a good way to carry advertisement. Today let’s talk about advertise hat, let’s see what advantage of using custom hat for advertise.

Cost is cheap

Compare to the other way to make advertise the cost of using custom hat is more cheaper, think about it if you make an advertisement and hang it on street somewhere depend on the visitors flowrate it could cause you hundreds or even thousands a month. But if you use these money to make custom hats depend on the require you need yon can make hundreds or thousands hats, that means at least hundreds or thousands people will seen you advertise, and if they put their hat on while going out your advertise will keep spread to the others and it has no time limits.

Flowing extension

Like we said above hat has flow-ability it move along with people, so if you make advertise by custom hat, your hat will move along with people and that mean your advertise too. The region maybe limited first but it will keep extension along with people’s moving.

Daily extension

Hat is an item we will use in our daily costume matching. Make advertise with custom hats and if you make it cool enough, you can make people be your moving advertise and its 24/7. Isn’t it alluring enough?

Yes, advertise hat couldn’t cover the region as large as internet promotion. But if you are looking for a way to do advertise cheap, long term and effective, try advertise hats!