What is dad hat?

12 April, 2019

We know that hats can be divided in to many kinds, such as baseball hats, bucket hats, snapback hats, and dad hats is one of the category. But what is dad hats? What is the characteristic of it?

There is a say that dad hat is a baseball hat make by canvas or cotton with a slightly brim. There also a say that dad hat is a referred to hats that got style suit for dad age people, and that’s why it called dad hat. But what is the truly define of it?

Well, I don’t think there have an official define of it, at least I haven’t find one yet. So form my opinion I think dad hat is much like the combine of the two argument, is a baseball hats that with a style suit for dad age people.

Now we have a bit vision of dad hats, let’s talk about the popular of it. We describe dad hat has a style suit for dad age people above, but that doesn’t mean it should be just wear by dads. It’s just a style like vintage, In fact, dad hat is one of the very popular hats in teenage. If you are a fan of social media you might have just see one or two post with dad hats by some cool teenage.


Why dad hats are so popular in teenage? Dad hat is more like vantage style usually contain washed, distressed, worn-out and some other process that can strong the vintage sense. Dad hat is very suitable for vintage style dress up, put on one can rise up your maturity immediately. Many teenage are drank into the mature style, that’s why they love dad hat so much.

We know that dad hat has the shape of baseball hat, but what is the exactly structure of dad hat? I found a picture form internet to help us understand it easily. We can see that dad hat’s basic structure can be divided into hat body and hat brim two part. Hat body can be made with 5 or 6 panels, as for the fabric could be cotton, could be canvas or others, that depend on what customer wanted. And the hat brim usually made in curved, we can see the hat brim in the picture contain some worn-out process, like we mention above dad hats custom usually contain this kind of process to strong vintage sense, but not necessary to contain these process. The last part is logo, the picture below show us an embroidered logo, but logo not only can make by embroidered we can also use print, badge and some other process.


       After all maybe you are still confused about what is dad hat, because of my poor English express clearly. Sometimes a picture is better than hundreds words. So if you still confused about what is dad hat, you might just check on our website’s dad hats catalog see dad hat in a real picture you might can build up dad hat’s concept yourself.