What are cap brims make of?

21 May, 2019

Cap Brim is the extending part of a hat, is a functional part use to decorate the hat and make it shadeable. Now we know have the concept what cap brim look like, let’s join to our main topic what are cap brims make of?

Nowadays cap brims are usually make by Plastic sheet, it has a certain hardness but still bendable and it’s light so it won’t add any extra weight that make hats too heavy to wear comfortably. The plastic sheet is the core part of a hat brim, the rest part is just the fabric that used to sewing the plastic sheet. So basically cap brim is simply a plastic sheet sewing into some fabric.


Almost 90% of custom hats are making cap brims with the method above. But still there are some other hats don’t. Such as bucket hats, bucket hat’s brim is different from the tradition cap brim it doesn’t need hardness, so it doesn’t need plastic sheet, mostly just fold the fabric and swing it, some might put some soft fabric like cotton between to make it look more plump. And there are some hats used unique fabric they don’t use the tradition brim either, like straw hat. Straw hat is all a hat weave by straw fabric it’s brim too. And after weaving the straw fabric is hard enough to state it’s own shape without any other fabric help.


If you just curious about what cap brims make of, that should be satisfy you. If you have some crazy idea to make special hat brim and you want to try it, you should contact us. Let our professional hat maker see if it can work.