Types of hats

12 April, 2023

1: Types of hats

Generally, hats can be divided into: sun hat, baseball cap, tennis hat, knitting hat, swimming hat and many other types

2: The size of the hat

The size of hats is generally divided into adult size and child size. Adult size is usually 58cm in inner diameter, and child size can be adjusted according to different ages during the production process.

3: Fabric material

The fabrics include cotton, polyester cotton, roving card, spinning card, canvas, denim, elastic cloth, etc.

From the perspective of modeling, the baseball cap mainly modifies the head in the upper part, while the lower part does not. Therefore, the face type that is more suitable for baseball cap is that the lower half of the face is more beautiful and thin, such as the oval face and the heart-shaped face.

The wide brimmed hat visually accentuates the problem of a large head, appearing small in the upper half of the face through its wide shape. In contrast, it also has the function of showing a thin chin. But for square chin and completely rounded chin, the decorative effect of a wide brimmed hat is not so strong, so girls with chubby chin should use it with caution.

The sun hat also has a strong sense of vacation. This round top hat can easily solve the problem of large foreheads and long faces for girls. The wide brim of the hat is suitable for shading, but it also shows off a small face.

As a beret that has appeared in many films, its wearing method is different and the style formed is also very different. Wearing a beret is serious and retro, while wearing a beret obliquely gives you a sense of playfulness and flexibility, and this kind of wearing can also modify the face on one side. Some girls can use this method to concave your small face, as they have thin and fat faces on one side.