Three tips for purchasing hats

14 September, 2018

It is easy to buy a hat, but to buy the right hat is best to know in advance:

1, the choice of hat due to seasonal and easy winter climate is cold, should choose warm, cold performance good hat, such as cotton hat, fur hat, velvet hat, very cold season should choose to protect cheeks and ears hat. Spring and autumn optional knitted hat, knit wool hat, a large cap and so on. Summer sunshine strong eye irritation, the choice of fabric thin, colder color, shallow big hat hats, such as sun hat, straw hat, cloth, a variety of travel hats, these kinds of hats, both reflect the sun, reduce the head Ministry of heat, but also shading eyes, ventilation, summer heat.

2, hats vary according to age Neonatal generally do not wear a hat, unless the indoor temperature is low, or when going out to wear. Hats have to choose cotton products. Baby's cerebellum delicate skin, adaptability to climate change is poor, to choose to wear light texture, soft, heat breathable hat; if the hat is too heavy, excellent, not only to wear uncomfortable baby, but also detrimental to the development of the brain. Baby hat is best to choose no brim, so that mothers hug and breastfeeding, while sleeping in the cradle and bed and can see the surrounding things.

3, the size of the hat to fit the head circumference, generally based on the circumference of the head circumference to enlarge 1 cm (or head circumference diameter 0.3 cm) is appropriate; size appropriate to relax the purpose is to prevent the hat too tight on the child's head Unfavorable, but also to prevent the cap ring shrinkage, affect wearing. Baby hat is 42 ~ 48 cm, child cap 50 ~ 55 cm.