Those hats can make you look more elegant?

04 June, 2019

Baseball hat, bucket hat, dad hat, knitted hat these different kind of hat they not just called different, they look different and the most important they can bring you different style. Today we gonna introduce you several hats that can make you look elegant.

Gauze hat

Use gauze material as decoration usually collocation with beret and formal hats. Gauze itself is a very elegant fabric, basically everything decorate with it are look elegant too. Put on a gauze hat you will turn into a lady immediately. Gauze hat can rise up your temperament bring you a noble elegant image, its mostly use for some formal occasion like banquet, ball.


Navy hat

Not an official navy hat but the style is similar, is a hat style design basic on navy hats. You might wonder what navy style has to do with elegant? That ‘s because you take elegant wrong. A woman’s elegant doesn’t has to be soft, has to be lady. It can also be strong and look sharp. That’s the elegant that navy hat can bring to you. A mature, fashion and elegant image, put up a navy hat you can have it.


Bucket hat

Bucket hat can also bring you a elegant look but not all of it. Bucket hat contain many style, it can be cute, cool and also elegant. If you want to pick a bucket hat to bring you some elegant sense, try the one with big brim and decorate with flower or silk ribbon. Those are the element that an elegant bucket usually contain.

       Now do you know how to look elegant? Let’s go and pick up some hats