The structure of sun hat

25 June, 2019

It’s summer now and the sun is burning hot. What a weather to go hiking, picnic and do some outdoor activity. But the sun is making it too hot to play and the sunshine always block our sigh line. What a mood killer it is! That’s when we need a sun hat and that’s why sun hat appear, to make us have a fun time playing under the sun without it harassing us.

Sun hat is a such good partner for us in summer, but how much do you know about it? Today let’s talk about the structure of it.

First we have to make clear what kind of sun hat we talk about. Most of us may still don’t have a clear image of what is a sun hat look like? Actually we can call a lot of hat as sun hat as long as it can offer us sun-proof function. Baseball hat, bucket hats, visor hats these can all do that. But they are not so special, today let’s talk about something more special, something more focus on sun-proof. The sun hat we talk about today is the kind in the picture blow.


This sun hat is make design basic on visor hat, the special part of it is it has double hat brims and it’s movable. The top layer usually make by ultraviolet-proof fabric and the bottom layer is make by nonferrous plastic which can block out the fierce sunshine give you a clear vision. Combining this two brim make this sun hat have a full, strong sun-proof function and with the visor hat style make this sun hat more fresh and breathable. With this two character make this special sun hat your best partner in summer.

       Do you want to have one? Is customizable in Wintime, but we take order over 100pcs, If you want to make over 100pcs custom hats, please make contact with us, we will offer you a satisfied custom experience.