The process of custom baseball hats

14 May, 2019

Baseball hat is a very popular fashion choice, and popular means money. When there are people want to buy baseball hats there are people want to sale it. What if you want to become the one who sell baseball hats? What you should do and what you should know? That bring out our topic the process of custom baseball hats. What are their connect?

If you are going to sell baseball hats, you must need resource first and where can you get them? Well if you want a long-term stability resource, us a manufacturer will be your best choice. Once you determine to cooperate with a hat manufacturer then you might want to know how the process go? And that’s our topic today.

The process of custom baseball hats in Wintime contain :propose custom needs - confirm custom price - Sample product and confirm - Sign the contract - Production - Quality inspection - Pack and ship - After-sale service.

Propose custom needs: make contact to the manufacturer and propose you needs, confirm every detail such as style, material, LOGO and some others.

Confirm custom price: after you confirm every detail of your hat, now the manufacturer can give you a certain custom price.

Sample product and confirm: If the price satisfy you then you can ask the manufacturer make a sample for you first so you can have a preview of the hat to see if it qualified you need.

Sign the contract: If the sample is satisfaction the next step should be product the big goods, but before that we still need to sign the contract first because once the big goods production begin it would contain the real cost the contract is to guarantee the interests of both parties.

Production: Now that we both have the contract protect our own interests we can formally start the big goods production.

Quality inspection: After the production finish customer can make a finals spot check to make sure the whole production quality.

Pack and ship: Once the quality inspection is all good, we can start to arrange to shipping the hats to customer. And how to pack and ship we have multiple ways for you to choose.

After-sale service: As a profession hat manufacturer our service did not just stop after our hats been shipping out, our service continued. If you find out any non-man-made damage after received the hats, you are very welcome to call us, and we are very happy to solve it for you.

       A clearly process can improve our efficiency and make the whole business more easy to manage. If you are seeking a trustful and long-term supplier you would want your supplier have a clearly custom hat process too.

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