How to place your hats

12 September, 2018

 How to place your hats

    1. Use a round box to store the hat, you can prevent extrusion deformation. Cake box may wish to keep it, it is very easy to use the free hat storage box. Before the admission, you can first plastic bags or balloons blowing to the appropriate size, the bag tied, into the hat, there are stereotypes role. And then to the end of the cake cover, the box is the top, the device hat.

    2. When you buy a hat, you can ask about the business, whether there is a package to send the hat when the cap with the available, the stereotypes better than blowing plastic bags.

    3. If the home space is not enough, can not accommodate a huge cake box. You can fold the hat, lightly placed in the drawer or the top of the suitcase. Or with about 62cm long, 0.5cm thick sponge according to the hat-shaped circle, to needle sewing sponge strip stereotypes. So that you can put several hat spacing overlap, and then be accepted.

     4. rattan hat fear of wet, seasonal season will do the work is to remove the dirty and control the humidity. You can first use a clean dry cloth to wipe the dust. Remove the dust, the hat stuffed with newspapers, and then into the box, to prevent deformation, moldy, both dust effect.

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