How to make a hat?

17 May, 2019

How to make a hat? That depend on which way you want to make it, DIY or find a manufacturer do it for you. If you are googling this question my best guess is you want to DIY. Today let’s talk about both.

DIY hat usually has two different kinds, one is knitted hats the other is blank hats. Knitted hats is a hat knitted with wool fabric, is the most common way to make DIY hat in China. Make a Knitted hat doesn’t need any equipment support or many complicated operate, all you need is two needle and some wool fabric, so it’s very suitable for DIY.


Blank hat is another common DIY hat, the different between knitted hat and blank hat is you can’t make blank hat form the top to the bottom like knitted hat. The DIY part of blank hat is use your creation to decorate it, blank hat is like a blank paper waiting for you to paint a picture on it. You can just paint on it or you can use some jewel, flash powder or some other think you can come up to decorate it. So basically you still need to buy a blank hat first then you can do start to DIY your hat.


If you are not try to DIY your own hat, then you may looking for the process a manufacturer make custom hats, And that is a much more complicated. Different kind of hat require different product process(bucket hats, baseball hats, Dad hats), and with different process needs(embroidered, print) can also change the step of custom hats. It so complicated I can say it clearly with my poor words, if you really want to know more detail about it, you are very welcome to contact us, our profession salesman will explain it to you.


DIY or make by a manufacturer either way a custom hat require time and energy some might even contain the love of the maker, so we should cherish every hat we have.