How much does it cost to put a logo on a hat?

30 May, 2019

How much does it cost to put a logo on a hat? I can image two condition why you have a question like that. One is you have a blank hat or some blank hats you want to put logo on it, the other one is you don’t have hats but you want to make custom hats alone with some logo on it. And now let’s talk about the question according to our hypothesis.

Where to go?

If you want to know how much the apple cost you should go to the fruit shop, if you know to know how much the car cost you should go to the car shop, and if you want to know how much does put a logo on a hat cost where should you go to?

There are three way I can think of right now, one DIY, two some custom shop, three hat manufacturer. According to our hypothesis, if you already have hat and its just one, you should try DIY or maybe custom shop, manufacturer is out of option. If you have a certain number of hats manufacturer may become optional now you can try, but DIY may out of the picture unless you have the patience and time for it. And if you are the other hypothesis you don’t have hats and you want to make custom hats with logo, depend on the quantity you want to make you can choose both custom shop or hat manufacturer, usually more than 300 choose hat manufacturer is better.


What logo you want?

There are several process to make logo and different process require different equipment. So the cost will be different. The most common process is embroidered and print, others are heat transfer print, badge, metal. If you haven’t decide which process you want yet and you want to see the effect of all the process as reference resources, manufacturer is the best choice they might be the most possible one who have the full process. But if your quantity is not big then custom shop is your choice. DIY is the less process’s choice, because you will limited by the equipment.


How much does it cost?

Once you make clear where you should choose to make logo, you are half way to the price. The next thing you need to make certain is what kind of logo you want and how much hat you need to put logo on. Like we said above different process require different cost, so does the quantity, without then I can not give you the certain price of it. But from my experience of making custom hats put a logo on hats usually can cost the price rise up to 2~6RMB/pcs.

After all my opinion is if you really want to know the cost of put a logo on a hat, you should figure out what kind of LOGO you want(the design and the process) and the quantity of it then find the place that can offer the service ask them directly.