How much does it cost to embroidered a hat?

18 June, 2019

      When we make custom hats, embroidery is one of the common way to make decorate, it’s the key to make your hat unique and beautiful. As the key to make a hat fancy the embroidery process doesn’t come for free, then what’s the cost of it? How much does it cost to embroidered a hat?
      The cost of embroidery process depend on the logo’s complexity. The more complex the cost is more higher. Because a complicated logo require more material and process step that cause more cost. So if you seeking for the price of embroidered a hat, all you need to do is show your logo to the manufacturer you want to make custom hats with, the manufacturer will give you the price.
      But normally a hat manufacturer wouldn’t separate the cost of embroidered a hat from the cost of custom a hat. They usually just offer the price of make a custom hat, include all the process. But if you really want to separate the price the manufacturer will still offer you the price.
      I know till now we still haven’t tell you the exact price of embroidered a hat, but like we said above the price is depend on your logo design so without seeing the logo we can’t really give you the exact price, but we can offer a price interval for you to reference. Usually a simple logo (like a simple letter with only one color) will cost 2~3RMB/pcs, a complicate one can rise up to 6RMB/pcs, but just for reference, if you want to know the real cost still need to ask the manufacturer.