How do you customize a hat?

06 June, 2019

There are so many beautiful, fashion hats we can buy on the market. But some time we will want something different, some thing unique or maybe something design by ourselves, that’s when you need customize. But how do you make a custom hat?

Make custom hat usually can be divide into two kinds custom for personal and custom for company/activity

Custom for personal

If you want to make custom hat for your own, you can choose both online and offline. The process of make custom hat online you should choose a hat style first, such as baseball hat or bucket hat, then you should choose the decoration(what kind of logo, what kind of process, where to put it), After that now you should have a complete hat design , the next step is confirm the design and pick a fabric for your hat then the manufacturer can start product, after that all you need to do is wait for the shipping.

The process of custom hats offline is similar to custom online just you need to do it offline.

Custom for company/activity

If you want to make custom hats for company or for an activity the quantity you make should accord with the MOQ of the hat manufacturer so you can choose to make custom hat in hat manufacturer. The process of it is no much different from custom online, first you should choose a hat type and confirm your hat design, and then the hat manufacturer will make a sample for you according to the design, after confirm the sample the manufacturer can start to product but before that the manufacturer will sign a contract with first to protect both you and the manufacturer’s benefit. After the production you can make a spot check to make sure the quality, once the quality is accord with your require the manufacturer can prepare the shipment. And the rest for you to do is to sign for it.

Those are the process how you customize a hat.