Can pick up the music bluetooth headphone hat

12 September, 2018

    The hat is a bit fanciful but it cleverly has headphones on the ear, so it is perfect for "underground activities" whether going to work or going to school (if you can wear a hat in both cases) .

    Built-in speaker hat. It looks no different from other hats, but it can be connected to your phone with Bluetooth, put on it to listen to music or answer the phone, USB charging can stand 60 hours at a time, in the call state can work for 6 hours, Really hands and brought warmth.

    Do not have to worry about washing, built-in speaker is installed in a small hat bag, you can remove.

    Cold winter, with it can be really cool, very creative, whether you really feel cold, with a Bluetooth headset features the hat can definitely let others follow your hat Oh go.