Bucket hat - A fashion hat you wouldn’t want to miss

24 April, 2019

       Hat is one hot fashion which can not only give you a cool look but also can provide you a sunscreen function. A functional and cute fashion who doesn’t love it? Today let’s talk about one of it - the bucket hat.


      Bucket hat so call fishing hats, a youth, fashion also very wild hats, and the brim design is very close to your face that’s why it got pretty good sunscreen function.

       Bucket hat is very popular in celebrity all over the word.

Check out Dilraba in this black bucket hat


Rihanna in this pink floral bucket hat


Bucket hat can be divided into many kinds, if you want to dress up pretty with it, you need to do more than ‘just put it on’ and ‘whatever’. Specially when you don’t have an pretty face.

How to choose a bucket hat?

Like we have said there are many kinds bucket hats, each have their own style all you need is just pick up the one suit for you. If you like vintage style try the one have wider brim and shallow body


If you have a small head you can try the one with narrow brim and deep body.


       Compare to other kind of hat, bucket hat is much more easy to dress up pretty. Although you still need to pick up the right match for yourself but the condition is less then baseball hats and the others.

Speaking of fashion color is one of the condition we must consider.

The colorful one is always the most charming but also the hardest to master. If you don’t have the confidence like Rihanna does, you should try the soft one first, such as white, beige or black, brown these are wild colors, pretty and easy to make collocation.


       Dark blue also is a popular choose, a little vintage style make it full of 90s sense, very photogenic. It’s a pretty good choose for you if you are a girl into photograph.


       Beside color, material is also a condition that we should consider which can effect the hat style. Canvas is a very common fabric in hats not just bucket hats. The style of canvas bucket hats usually contain vantage, casual and some others depend on what other process it combined. And there are straw bucket hats, a very summer one, contain a little bit vintage style, cool and very vacation sense.


       Now we pass the bucket hat’s style, let’s talk about the style of you. You know style is mutual, you can choose a bucket hats suited your style or you can make your style suited for the bucket hat you like.

       Now let’s talk about what style suit for bucket hats. Start with hair cut, bucket hats is suit for both long hair and short hair so you don’t have to cut your hair for it. And no matter your hair is straight or curved don’t tie it up, just let it be, casual is find. But what if it is too hot for that hair style or you really want tie your hair up? That’s find, you can tie up a little tail, that wouldn’t ruin you look that bad, but try not to tie you hair all up at less leave some bands or it would require you have a really good face shape to make your look good, don’t risk it unless you have full confident.  


       After hair style let’s talk about dress style, there are so many clothing collocation we can choose. So let’s just show you some example of how celebrity dress for bucket hats, may be you can come up some idea for yourself from it.

       Gao Yuanyuan use white shirt and wide leg pants collocation with bucket hat make a very casual look.  


       Dilraba dress in a striped long shirt with a shot hot pants collocation with a white bucket hat, look so fresh and with her beautiful white thigh make it contain a little bit sexy.


       Victoria Song wear a blue bucket hat collocation with a blue spotted long coat and a very eye-catching red pants, look so cool and fashion.


       If you like to stay low profile check out NiNi present bucket hat collocation with dress, simple, casual but very temperament.


       Now have you getting anything from our celebrity above? If you don’t, that’s fine there are still many others we can learn from or you can just try all the combination you got from your wardrobe.

       After all whether a bucket hat fits you is like Schrodinger's Cat, you never know until you put it on. All these collocation theory thing, they just pick up the rock for you, which one have real gold in it, you still need to discover yourself.  

       Bucket hat was designed collapsible, so it can fit in our pocket which make it a very good choice for outdoor activities. But we don’t recommend you choose a too soft one, because it might lose their shape very easy, trust me you don’t want that.

       Do you like a hat not only cute but also very functional and very convenient to carry? Well, here it is the bucket hat.