A custom dad hat for your father on Father’s Day

28 May, 2019

Father’s day is coming, have you prepare a gift for you dear daddy? How about a custom dad hat?

Dad hat - as it’s name, a style design for dad age people, vintage, mature and fashion. Dad hats are so popular in youth nowadays make people forgot it was first design for middle age people. Some may even thought that dad hats are not suit for dad age people and that is totally wrong. This father’s day buy your father a dad hat give him a sharp look.

If you determine to buy your dad a dad hats there have two kinds you can choose - a custom one or a ready-made one.

If you want to make a special one then you should choose custom dad hats, That way you can design it whatever the way you wanted, add some words you want to say to your dad, or may be print a photo on it, either way it would be special and meaningful. But it needs time to design and product so if you don’t have enough time you can choose ready-made one.

There are many beautiful, cool design dad hats on sale, you can buy it in supermarket, hat shops, or maybe online like Amazon. As I know New era has already lunched a series MLB baseball hats for Father’s Day. It maybe lack of meaningful compare to custom hats, but it still a cool and useful gift for you dad.   


A custom dad hat for your dad, may your father have a happy Father’s Day.