Baseball caps only need to learn these three types of wearing a second wave of people

13 July, 2018

In this era of "caps" to take people, the silk has become a male god, it is a baseball cap! In addition to wearing a formal dress on weekdays, the usual dress, as long as you wear a baseball cap, instantly become a male. Baseball caps have always been loved by celebrities and hipsters, allowing you to shade while keeping a stylish look, and can be matched with any dress style to make you look out.

Hat is wearing

It is rare for Quan Zhilong to wear the hat in the middle of the law, but have you noticed one of the small details? What kind of ghost is the clip along the belt? I don’t know how to do my homework after class.

Back of the head

Yang Yang white baseball cap with stripe T, the back of the head is full of new ideas. It’s very cute, but you might ask, why don’t you fall down like this, haha, don’t worry, this hat is designed to measure the head circumference and won’t fall.

Hat anti-wear

When it comes to playing cool, how can I lose Wuli Fanfan? The sculpted prince's face occasionally wears a baseball cap against the unruly bad temperament, and the girls fall in minutes.
The national small fresh meat Li Yifeng plaid shirt with a white baseball cap, full of leisure. The sunglasses are matched with the tide MAX.