The hat factory tells you why the chef hat is so high

13 July, 2018

The hat factory tells you the source of the chef's hat. One day, he saw a customer wearing a white high hat on his head. He felt that he had copied a top and made his hat taller than the customer's hat. . He put on this hat and went in and out, it was eye-catching, funny and funny, and the customers were attracted to it.
The chefs of other restaurants and restaurants have followed suit and have put on high-top hats to entertain business. Over time, the white high hat became the ornament of the chefs.
What's more interesting is that the relevant departments have also set the standard for wearing caps: according to the skill level of the chef and the length of the chef's working age, the height of the hat worn by the chef is specified, so that people can know the cooking level of the chef when they look at the hat. The higher the hat, the higher the craftsmanship.